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Kleur geven aan een grijze middag - @lindsay_bezemer

Giving color to a gray afternoon - @lindsay_bezemer

Klandinr give to a gray afternoon

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Yet many parents prefer to be inside the warm walls of their home than outside in the rain. No matter how creative you are as a parent, it is sometimes difficult to come up with something that will keep the kids entertained for a while. And then there was open-ended toys. Toys that challenge children. They will naturally use their creativity to find new ways to give direction to the game or to look for other ways to use the materials.

Yesterday afternoon it was another bleak January afternoon. While brewing coffee, I looked outside and felt no temptation to take a step in that direction. Looking for supplies for an indoor activity! Three play bowls, two scoops, a good amount play rice bunch, protrusions (gnome, mushroom, worm and leaf) and of course the large wooden play box so dads doesn't have a heart attack when he comes home and slips on the escaped kernels.

Like a true merchant I stole my wares on the table to seduce the girls (3,5 and 2 years). Are those candies? Can it open? Together we cut open the bags of play rice and pour it into a large container. There is fanatic shoveling. The rice goes into a container and is poured back into a large container. Suddenly the rice has turned into water because the gnome has to take a bath. He is placed in a small container and soon he is up to his nose in water. That can't be the intention either, so the gnome is thrown out with the bath water, everything goes back into the big bowl. Mister beardmans half disappears under the rice. That's nice! And as soon as he was rescued, he was buried again. Another new idea! The ladies close their eyes and I hide the plugs under the rice. Together they go into the rice with their hands in search of the treasure.

We have been playing for almost an hour now. The girls have had no quarrels in all that time and are sitting comfortably at the table. While they make islands with the rice where the gnome and the worm can live, I can start eating. Although the idea has occurred to them for a while to eat colorful rice, they have decided that it will be boring white so that they can continue playing tomorrow.  

I want Lindsay (@lindsay_bezemer) for writing this blog. For more inspiration I would take a look at her instagram page - Melanie

Inspiration for writing: Grennn play rice



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