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Bloemen drogen - @naomiloves

Drying flowers - @naomiloves

Grennn's flower press

When I saw that she was with Grennn were looking for people who wanted to write a guest blog about one of their products, I immediately became enthusiastic.

I got the honor of a flower press to try out. And what a beautiful thing it is, huh? It has beautiful engravings! And it smells so delicious of wood! It also brought back good memories. I used to have a scouting flower press made with my name on it. But that was a long time ago and so I had also started using one.

Full of enthusiasm I went to get flowers and baking paper.
They became my favorite flowers spray carnations and alstroemerias

Time to test!
The screws of the flower press go super smooth and are so loose. Removing the top is a bit more difficult the first time. But after I've opened and closed it a few times, it gets a little smoother.

I take 1 flower from each bunch. Because spray carnations are a bit thicker, I cut them in half beforehand. And position both flowers on the baking paper and put it between the press.

What's the great thing about a flower press is that there is so little time in it. Now that the flowers are in it, it is a matter of checking every now and then how the flowers are looking and possibly replacing the baking paper. Super easy, which I like as a mother of 2 small mini people.

After 4 days I remove the flowers. They have remained beautiful.
I stick the flowers on a card and now have a super nice home made card for all occasions.

I want Naomi ( @naomiloves)  for writing this blog. For more inspiration I would definitely take a look at her instagram page

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