Magic sand

What is Magic Sand?

Magic Sand, Play Sand, Kinetic Sand; all terms mean the same thing. It is nothing more and nothing less than sand used for sensorimotor play. Where normal sand slips between the fingers and can also cause everything to get dirty (especially in combination with water!), magic sand is a special kind of sand that sticks together, as it were.

What can you use kinetic sand for?

With kinetic sand, children - and adults too - can enjoy themselves for hours. After all, it does not have just one application, but there are many things you can do with it. For the little ones it is fun just to feel the sand or to simply scoop it in and out of a container. The bigger children will get more fun out of making figures by means of magic sand molds.

What is the best way to store play sand?

In principle, kinetic sand does not dry out. You can store kinetic sand in a sealed box or container, but this is not strictly necessary. Always make sure you keep it dry. Kinetic sand and water don't go very well together.

How much magic sand do you need to properly fill the play box?

Of course it just depends on what you think is a nice amount of sand for your child to play with. When we look at the play boxes that we sell, we think that 3 kg of magical sand is more than enough.