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Hoeveel zakken Grennn speelrijst(500gr) heb ik nodig voor een speelbak?

Play rice

Playing with play rice.

What is Play Rice?
Play rice is rice colored in the most beautiful colors. The rice is colored with food coloring and is therefore completely free of harmful substances.

What can you do with play rice?
Play rice is great fun for children to play with. it is a wonderful feeling to run your hands through the rice. Scooping and pouring play rice gives a nice and soothing sound. playing with play rice has a stimulating effect on the child. 

How do you play with play rice?
Play rice is the best way to play in a play box so that the play rice will stick together better. By adding attributes like scoops and trays children can scoop and pour the rice, which is fun to do and also very calming and anti-stimulating. The nicest shapes and drawings can be made with different colors of rice, such as flowers and shapes.