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Spring in het plezier, de lente wacht op jou

Nieuwe seizoensavonturen wachten hier met alles wat je nodig hebt voor het voorjaar!



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De schilderplank met waterverfhouder is een handig en duurzaam gereedschap dat kleine kunstenaars een stevige ondergrond biedt en tegelijkertijd zorgt voor een nette en georganiseerde schilderervaring.




My 2-year-old son received this including sand and cutters for his birthday and can really have hours of fun with it. Best gift we received!


What a great product.
And let's not forget, what a top service you get from Grennn!


I ordered a painting board with a package of paper for my 8-year-old daughter. The order arrived just before Christmas and looks beautiful. Neatly packaged too, with an eye for the environment and a nice card. I'm sure she will be very happy with it!


Our little boy got this for his birthday. Ideal! He can play with rice or sand in it. The edges are high enough to put everything in prison and low enough to be good at it. We also bought the lid. Done playing, lid on it and so cleaned up. Because it's a nice wooden bin, this one's in the interior, too. I've been using this prison since recently. This is where the kids like to play with.


I've had kinetic sand from several brands, but none are as fine as this one from grennn! It does not smear, does not stick to the hands and is great to play with! It has been in our play box for a few months now and still like new. Highly recommended, even if it is a bit more pricey than other brands. It lasts longer.



Your sand is great 🤩 finally no dirty smelly hands, hours of fun, they almost eat it here 🤣 recently commented that we don't have enough. Got a bit addicted to your stuff myself haha ​​just addictive 😃 keep it up!


Super nice plugs. It feels natural and not like plastic. Good material is an advantage for me. I thought the rainbow was small compared to the cloud and sun. The stripes are not visible in the sand because they are too close together.


Very nice tobacco. Nice color and pretty smooth. The kids play with it endlessly. Use it for both sand, rice and other small toys so it doesn't fall off the table. You can see that it's super genuinely in one piece of a cheap tray and because it's beautiful, it's also super fun at the table instead of a thorn in the eye. It's nice that it's personalized that makes the kids recognize their own bak! Happy with this purchase!


These molds are ideal for playing with the magic sand. They are also used here in normal play, with puppets. Beautifully made and durable!


What cute cutters for hours of fun. Happy to have found you!


I received the play box with lid today. How beautiful he looks. So beautifully finished. Our daughter will enjoy this very much. Thanks


Ideal, so the contents of the play box remain free of dust! Neatly finished, looks great on the table!


The origins of Grennn

The origins of Grennn

Welcome! How nice of you to join us. We are Melanie 29 and Jonathan 34, the owners of Grenn. And we actually don't exist that long. Where Melanie has a background when Illustrator and often comes up with creative ideas, Jonathan is the one who deals with the production process and the technical side of what we do. We'd like to take you into the origin of our company that has taken serious forms.

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