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Play and sort bin

Wooden play box

All wooden play boxes are made by hand from natural and sustainable FSC-certified plywood. You can see the unique wood grains, which gives the box a beautiful appearance. The box is even personalized with your child's name in different fonts. 

Play with a wooden play box.

There are endless possibilities how you can play with a Wooden Play Box. For example, you can fill the wooden play box with play rice of kinetic sand† By adding attributes such as play scoops, trays in plugs give the child the opportunity to create their own game. The wooden play box is also ideal for learning to read, write and count in a playful way. By adding kinetic sand, alphabet plugs in numbers plugs make reading and math a real party.

Dimensions of the wooden play box.
The wooden play box has a size of 40 x 50 and a raised edge of 7 centimeters. 
Delivery time of the wooden play box.
Each play box is handcrafted and personalized to your liking. Making and personalizing and drying the protective layer takes some time which reduces the delivery time of the play box on average 5 working days will take up.