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3 materialen om je speelbak mee te vullen

3 materials to fill your toy

Houten speelbak

State you wooden play box always filled with the same material? Then we hope that this blog inspires you to fill your wooden play box with a different material. The play possibilities with a play box are endless and each material stimulates a different way of playing. Today we share inspiration with the following materials:
- Magic sand
- Play rice
- Confetti play chips

kinetisch zand

Magic sand with plugs
Playing with magic sand is fantastic! It stimulates and develops fine motor skills and children often become completely absorbed in their game while playing with kinetic sand. Our kinetic sand feels a bit like cookie dough (but not sticky). You can knead, build and make figures with it our plugs.

speelrijst en zeefje

Play rice with a sieve and bowl
Have you ever noticed that your child finds it fascinating to put materials in something, only to take it out again? Then offer a wooden play bowl filled with play rice. Joint a bowl, shovel and sieve and your child can endlessly sift the play rice and scoop it into bowls. Success guaranteed.

Confetti speel snippers

Confetti play chips with favorite toys
Less known, but definitely recommended are our confetti play chips. Add 1 bag of play confetti to your wooden play tray with your child favourite toy. These can be magnetic tiles , cars, blocks or animals. A play box in combination with their favorite toys often creates a completely different game. 

Extra tip: combine the above materials and additions for a sensorimotor party!

As you can see, you can wooden play boxes use with different materials. We think it's great to see your filled play boxes. Share your playbox on social media and tag us

Lots of fun!

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