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Rekenen met Grennn - @carolienplate

Calculating with Grennn - @carolienplate

A while ago we received the figure cutters. We have played with it lately and tried what you can do with it.
We were already fans of the play box in protrusions from Grennn but the Numbers are new to us.
Of Numbers are sturdy and clearly legible. They easily press into the magical sand and also come off easily.
The set includes the Numbers but also the signs to sums to be able to make.
Namely + ÷ = and - characters. This gives even more possibilities.
With the plugs you can play differently adapted to age and level. When there is no understanding of numbers you can just use them while playing in the sand. Later you can use them to Numbers to recognize. What is the 3,4,5 and so on! We learn to recognize the numbers and practice with the correct sequence of numbers.
Practicing sum is really a game. Do the sums together and your child can give the answer. Predict the sums and see if the correct number has been taken and then determine the outcome.

Super fun and very educational toy.


I want to thank Carolien (@Carolienplate) for writing this blog. For more inspiration I would take a look at her instagram page - Melanie

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