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Meet Melanie and Jonathan: The faces behind grenn

Welcome! How nice that you came to us. We are Melanie 29 and Jonathan 34, the owners of Grennn. And actually we haven't been around that long at all. Where Melanie has a background as an Illustrator and often comes up with creative ideas, Jonathan is often involved in the production process and the technical side of what we do. We are happy to take you through the origins of our company - which has now taken serious forms.

The founding of Grennn in 2019

When we became proud parents of Boaz in 2019 and he turned out to need extra care, I – Melanie – decided to take time off so that I could take on this care. Like many parents, we went looking for toys for our son. We were specifically looking for creative and sensorimotor toys that he could get started with, but we couldn't find what we were looking for. The quality of the products was not what we wanted it to be and the toys on the market did not match our vision.

The start of production

At that moment we came to a point where we thought: why don't we invent and produce it ourselves? And so it happened. We started designing creative toys that match our vision: let children discover for themselves through play. We have started producing the painting boards and the watercolor and glue pot holders. Then we started developing sensorimotor toys. Sustainability and open-ended play are always central to this and we ensure with our products that the child's perception of the world is stimulated. We never follow trends, but always follow our own vision with regard to toys and games.


Forerunner in the production of play boxes

We discovered that there was no play box on the market yet. As far as we were concerned, that had to change and so we got to work. And with success! The play box is now one of our most sold items. Of course, a play box is not complete without accessories. Shortly afterwards we expanded our range with magic sand, play rice and cutters in many types; all designed and produced by ourselves!


Our magic sand is very popular

There is a lot of demand for our magic sand. We received many rave reviews from our customers, who indicate that the sand is very firm and that you can build nicely with it. The quality is better than other brands. We are of course very proud of this, as we always strive for products of the highest possible quality.


Increasing demand demanded expansion

In recent years, the demand for sustainable, sensorimotor toys has grown so fast that in 2022 we moved to another building with an area of ​​1000 m2. Our team continued to grow to meet customer demand. Not only are we active in the B2C market; Business to Business is also a very large part of our company. Our Grennn brand can now be found in more than 250 shops and web shops throughout Europe. Despite the extra floor that we had put on our building, the space turned out not to be big enough. In April 2023 we therefore moved again to another building of no less than 2000 m2. From there we continue to build our brand and we are ready for you with lots of love!