Grennn Drawing & Painting Board Waldorf

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Drawing & painting board Waldorf

Our Organic Shaped Drawing & Painting Boards provide a sturdy surface for coloring, wet-on-wet painting and crafting. The planks are finished on all sides with a hard wax layer that protects the plank against paint, markers and chalk. The shelf is easy to clean with a wet cloth
These planks are great for painting, puzzle surfaces, lap planks for drawing/writing, etc, we have rounded the edges and machined the corners giving the planks a very nice look. 

It is possible to burn a name on each plank at no extra cost. You can select the fonts yourself. 

Each drawing & painting board is handcrafted from natural and sustainable FSC-certified Okoume plywood. Each plank has unique wood grains and spots that are naturally present in the wood. We believe this shows the true beauty and character of the natural wood.  

Material: FSC certified Okoume plywood 
Finish: Hardwax oil with child-safe quality mark (EN 71.3) 
Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm (A sheet of A4 paper has a size of 21x29.7)  
The delivery time is about 5 working days