Stockmar colors of the world

Stockmar colors of the world

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The eight shades for you and your friends: you can apply the colors separately, but also in layers. This way you create your own shades and you can, for example, mix different skin tones.

You certainly have plenty of your own ideas for making a drawing. Whether you want to draw yourself, your friends, your family, animals, landscapes or fantasies from fairy tales. We wish you a lot of fun with this variety of colors!

Colors of the world - 8 tin cubes

tin case, 8 cubes, 41x23x12 mm, with scraper, 8 colors assorted colour: 03 orange ¦ 13 red brown ¦ 14 yellow brown ¦ 15 black ¦ 20 yellow ocher ¦ 22 umber ¦ 24 pink ¦ 34 pearl pink