Stockmar beeswax

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Experience art with all their senses - children can do that with Stockmar beeswax. The wax smells nice and is completely clean to use, making it the ideal material for modelling. Fragrance, color and tangible quality help create: the wax becomes soft and malleable by the warmth of the hands. When curing, the intensity and fine shine of the colors are preserved. The small works of art retain their beauty and charm and can be redesigned again and again. The high pedagogical and artistic properties make Stockmar beeswax unique and incomparable. Stockmar beeswax is available in 15 bright colours, which are based on Goethe's color theory.

Cardboard case, 6 slices á  100x40x6 mm, 6 colors assorted
Colour: 00 ivory | 01 carmine red | 04 golden yellow | 07 green | 09 blue | 13 reddish brown