Petitlavieve/Grennn craft apron beige linen

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Timeless and stylish, that is the craft apron from petitlavieve in collaboration with Grennn. Intended for the real creative person at home! Because good preparation is half the battle: the apron is made of 100% quality linen, which gives the apron a beautiful appearance. The deep front pockets offer space to store essentials such as brushes and clay spikes. We offer the craft apron in 3 sizes and can be worn for a long time. The apron has an adjustable neck strap and measures 90×85 cm.


Material: 100% high quality
Sizes: 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8
Adjustable neckband and waistband
Handy pockets for essentials
Wash at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry