Grennn x Wildebras cycle butterfly cutter

Grennn x Wildebras cycle butterfly cutter

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These eco-friendly cutters made from the illustrations of Wildebras† Each plug is made from recycled wood sawdust and biodegradable plastic of plant origin.

The plugs are a lot of fun in combination with the flashcards Wildebras† You can buy them on her website. 

Wilderbras flashcards: 

Game is so beautiful, so pure. It is a fascinating way in which children process, express, wonder, create and learn. My own amazement at play prompted me to Wildebras to start. With the aim of inspiring other parents to stimulate, grow and nurture that fantastic fantasy of children. I like to involve nature in this, because it is challenging and educational, but also to make a bit of connection with nature. The lifecycle flashcards illustrate the growth of nature in 4 steps. Use the cards during your child's play and learn through play! 

The plugs come with a linen bag.