Grennn Treasure hunt limited edition gold ( PRE ORDER)

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Please note, this product is a pre-order. He will be posted on Friday July 1. 

If you order additional products, they will be posted in advance. The Grennn Treasure hunt will ship on Friday, July 1.

With the contents of this bucket you can start the adventure!

Buried in the sand are the most beautiful treasures hidden. Scoop the sand into your sieve  and shake gently until the treasures appear. Wow! You have found a gem! Keep these quickly in your treasure chest and continue searching for even more treasures.


Contents of this bucket:

3 kilos of play sand (note no magical sand)

200 grams of gemstones

1 Grennn gold coin

1 Grennn treasury

1 Grennn play shovel XL

1 Grennn treasure sieve

The stones are not painted and are free of plastics and chemical additives. The bucket contains pure natural stones (no colored glass stones). Because it is a natural product, the size, nature and color may differ from the photo.